Has your baby started rolling onto their front in their sleep? Are you feeling slightly stressed and concerned by this rolling? Let’s start by saying rolling to their front is completely natural for babies – they often want to sleep on their front once they are old enough to roll themselves. It also starts with some rolling in the day. We get excited seeing our babies become more mobile, despite the obvious emotion of watching them get bigger and bigger, and no longer that newborn you brought home just a few short months before. However, that excitement can soon turn to distress and concern when they start rolling onto their front at night for sleep. It is so ingrained in us as parents to know that our babies should sleep on their back to reduce the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) and rightly so. However, according to The Lullaby Trust, once your baby can move themselves from their back to their front and back again by themselves, they will be able to find their own sleeping position.

When do babies start rolling onto their front at night?

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