There is no single thing that an infant sleep consultation can recommend to help you get your baby or toddler to sleep longer at nap time, but one thing they do need to be is comfortable.

Before our little ones arrive into the world we spend so much time (and money!) on setting up their – often numerous – places to sleep. With our first boy Teddy (who is now 2 and a half) we had a Moses basket for the living room, a Next2Me crib for our room and a full size cot in the nursery. And that’s before you start to worry about what to dress them in and cover them with.

I recommend always putting little ones into a sleepsuit or close fitting pyjamas at night to reduce the risk of suffocation or SIDS. Following their bath and/or baby massage, getting them into a fresh sleepsuit or pyjamas is a good cue that it’s time to sleep. Depending on the season and age of your baby, you can pair that with a sleeping bag or cellular blanket.

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