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Hi my name is Clemmie Pellew- Harvey, I’m nutritional therapist. Here are my top tips on how to improve nutrition for busy moms.

So another thing that my clients often ask me is what supplements to take.

I am a big believer thatΒ  you should get all your vitamins and minerals through food, but in today’s society, it’s really, really hard to get that through food due to various issues like soil quality, food quality. So I do think supplementation is also really important.

With busy moms, it’s really difficult then keep popping pills all the time. So I would often recommend having one really comprehensive green powder, that has all your vitamins and minerals included in into it and then it has things like freeze dried greens and berries, something that you can just add really easily into a smoothie. And again, you can do the same for kids as well.

Another supplement I think is important to have everyone is vitamin D. So particularly during October to March, when the sunlight’s low we do need our levels to be boosted. So I’d recommend at least taking a vitamin D supplement during those times. And if you don’t, on the other times and just make sure you’re getting out in the sun.

Another important supplement is a Omega 3, so that’s really good for your skin, hair, mood, hormone balancing. If we don’t have enough fat, then we can really notice the effects of it. So try and get a really good quality Omega 3 supplement or at least have oily fish like 2 to 3x a week.