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Hello, I’m Angie and I’m at the eco midwife on Instagram and Facebook. I’ve been a practicing NHS midwife for the last 10 years. In my time, I have also undertaken additional qualifications in infant massage and pregnancy massage. I’m here to discuss what to pack in your birthing bag and this is your ultimate checklist.

So when you’re packing your birthing bags, it’s much easier to break it down into three bags: one for you, one for your partner and one for your baby. So that it’s easily separated so that if you suddenly need to grab something out of the bag, you know which bag to get it out of very quickly in any situation.

So what to pack in mum’s bag? So firstly, you want to think about the things that are going to be comfortable to wear. Things like pajamas, you might want to take a couple of sets in, in case there are any leakages. You’ll also need to think about breastfeeding-friendly clothing. If you’re planning to breastfeed, breastfeeding bras, or none-wire bras if you’re not breastfeeding to prevent the risk of mastitis.

You also need to think about maternity pads, both for labor for absorbency if your waters have gone, but also postnatally. And you will also need some pants and roughly sort of four or five pants for everyone’s two-day stay would be a good idea to have.

You also need things like socks and additional clothing that will make you feel comfortable and going home for yourself. When you’re in the hospital and if you’re planning on a labor or if you’re having a cesarean birth things like a tens machine could be really useful for pain relief both during labor but also postpartum.

You’ve also got to think about breastfeeding paths, so that you’ve got that absorbency from any leakages as well. And you would also need a wash bag for yourself with all the toiletries that you’re going to acquire for your hospital stay.

So what to pack in your partner’s bag? So anything that’s going to make them feel comfortable and also think about food-wise. So comfort-wise, you might want to consider clothing and a wash bag.

A particularly if you’re having a longest day such as an induction of labor or a caesarian birth, You also need to think about pillows and potentially blankets that they’re nice and comfortable.

You’ll also need to think about things like entertainment. So things like iPads, iPhones, so that you’ve got access to music maybe during labor, but also during the postnatal period and also for any induction process.

And you’ll also need access to snacks and iced tonic drinks. That’s not just for your partner, but also for you both during labor and also during the postpartum period.

So what to pack in your baby’s bag? So firstly thinking about clothing, you’re going to need about five outfits per day, and that will roughly be 5 vest and five baby grows or alternative clothing that you want to dress your baby in. And a going home outfit might also be a nice way to actually give dress your baby ready to come home.

You’ll also need some nappies either reusable or disposable nappies, to be able to have a to hand when you’re in hospital. You will also need to hat for your baby, particularly in the immediate postpartum where your baby needs to maintain its temperature and so you’re going to need to keep your baby warm.

You will also need blankets especially to take your baby home and so that they are nice and covered up. And you’ll also need to take a travel system of some sorting so whether that’s a car seat, a push chair or a sling to better take your baby home.

Finally, you need to consider about how you’re going to feed your baby. And if you are considering formula feeding, you might need to ask your midwife ahead of time, to be able to find out if you need to bring in some starter packs ready for formula feeding as each hospital varies and what they require of moms who are choosing formula.