So I asked a group of moms what they wish they had known about breastfeeding before they had their babies. I was hoping to capture important points that maybe I miss in my teaching or advocacy work. I was expecting lists of things such as, “I didn’t know it might hurt” or “I didn’t realise how often I would have to feed him” or “I didn’t know how tired I would be” etc. I wanted wisdom from recently experienced moms that would help me to prepare other moms.

What I got was not what I anticipated, but even more amazing.

Yes, there were some technical facts listed- it never runs out, you can pump right after nursing, no bottles to wash, hard in the beginning, it gets easier and other such comments. But the majority of the feedback I received was about the intangible benefits, the emotional aspects, the wonderfulness of the experience of the relationship of breastfeeding.

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