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Hi guys, I’m Nathalie Clough and today I’m here to talk to you out pre and postnatal exercises with pilates and exercises that you can do to help support your body.

So, another great question I get asked is during your trimesters what are you able to do? When do you start exercise? When do you stop exercise?

And to be honest, I just listen to your body. It’s really important to carry on with exercises that you’ve been doing, because your body’s familiar with those, and you’ll be comfortable with those.

Equally make sure that you’re signed off by doctor or midwife before you start anything new of you. Start something again, just to reassure yourself that you’re comfortable with those exercises along the way as your body changes. I have some clients who are five months pregnant and don’t show at all. And I have some clients who are two months pregnant and her popping already.

So obviously depending on what stage you’re at, depends on whether or not you can do frontline or whether or not you’re comfortable on your side or lying on your back, listen to your body, speak to your practitioner, speak to your trainer and work out what’s best for you as you progress along through those trimesters.