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Hi, I’m Emma and I’m a a hynotherapist and mindful teacher. The last year has changed how people work, shows there are other ways of finding support from professionals when we need. I have helped a lot of people with online hynotherapy sessions, how does it work online?

It works exactly the same way as it would as if we were in the same room but additional benefits – no need to travel, not limited to those within 30 min radius. Find someone you click with and feel comfortable talking to! You can now choose the person you feel most confident with. No cost to drive, public transport or parking.

Is hynotherapy as effective? Yes – even more so, you’re in your own space and you’re instantly more comfortable which can only be positive. All you need is reliable internet, good sound and laptop. You need to find somewhere quiet, comfortable and easy to relax.

I offer all new clients 20 min session for free so yu can get to know me and ask any questions that you have!