There’s lots of literature out there about the best time to introduce a pillow to your infant. I first gave a pillow to my son just before moving him from a cot to a bed. I wanted him to get used to having something under his head so there weren’t too many changes all at once. Lots of little ones love a pillow; others prefer a flat surface for a bit longer and will move the pillow away themselves throughout the course of the night.

Interestingly though, what I’m never asked about is mattresses. We are all aware of the importance of a good mattress for adults, but this is often not discussed for little ones. I’m not sure if that’s because some cots come with mattresses, or because for the first six months babies aren’t always in a proper cot, but it’s something us parents often overlook.

There are some really important things to look for when picking a mattress for your baby:

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