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As children grow, many things will affect their overall development, in particular a child’s environment, their parents responses and of course, their own innate characteristics. Hence why the Nature versus Nurture debate is so fascinating! There’s such a fine line between the things we learn via experience and how our natural responses to those experiences affect our overall behaviour.

This is the reason why identical twins, growing up in the same house can have very different personalities and in contrast, why two children not related in anyway, could grow up to be very similar simply due to experiencing similar environmental factors.

With this in mind, I feel that it’s really important to look at our expectations on a child when considering their behavioural traits. It’s very easy to become frustrated when a child doesn’t appear to be listening or continues to behave in a way that we feel is unacceptable…….however, the question in my mind is always “Why are they behaving that way?”.

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