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Do you have a little one who tooth grinds or clenches their teeth? It is really quite common, and adults can teeth grind too! Worn down teeth involves lots more time and the dentist, and it can cause jaw stiffness and sleep disturbance. So, it is good to halt bruxism in its tracks where possible, and this means working out the root cause.

One school of thought is that bruxism is a sign of inner tension and anxiety. It is also a way of seeking sensory feedback to calm the nervous system. It often occurs during the night when sleeping and may also be due to an abnormal bite or missing or wonky teeth. It can also be caused by a sleep disorder called sleep apnoea, where breathing repeatedly stops and starts.

Because grinding often happens during sleep, most people are unaware that they grind their teeth. However, a dull headache or sore jaw when you wake up may be due to bruxism. Some parents can hear their kids grinding their teeth from the next-door bedroom it is so loud.

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