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Hi, I’m Sam Meachin I’m a hypnobirthing teacher and here are a few of my top tips to prepare for birth.

A common concern that a lot of pregnant people have is whether they’ll be able to cope with the pain of birth.

Yes, you, 100% will. And your mindset is so key in this and your thoughts have a physical effect on your body so they can create a physical response. If you think you’re scared or you’re nervous, you might sweat or get goosebumps, and that’s completely normal physical response that your body has.

So in birth, we really want your physical responses to be positive. But if you’re feeling scared or anxious, your, that fear is going to create tension in your body.  So those muscles, particularly a uterus muscles are going to be really, really tense. And that means that they’re not going to work as efficiently as they could. And then that tension is going to create pain.

So then if you have pain, then you’re going to feel more scared and that cycle can repeat and repeat and repeat and escalate the pain. So if we can break that cycle and stop that from happening, that’s going to reduce your pain and mean it’s much more easy for you to cope with those sensations throughout labor.

If you go into birth with that mindset of feeling positive and knowing how your body’s working at being able to feel calm and relaxed your body, then you’ll be able to have a much more efficient and much more pain-free labor experience.

So a couple of ways to do that is relax your body release any fear. So if you’re feeling like you’ve got any worries or things that are inveigling you in your mind, try and deal with that in your pregnancy.

So mindset is really key in birth learning how to relax your body. I have a great fear release relaxation track that you can listen to if you have any anxieties or worries surrounding your birth. So it gives that a lesson and that can be used daily throughout your pregnancy to really help with that.