We all know that work can be stressful sometimes. Whether it's just the pressures of the job, a bad working environment, or a multitude of other issues, work can become a stress factor on our mental health.

According to a Gallup report, “76% of employees experience burnout on the job at least sometimes, and 28% say they are burned out “very often” or “always” at work.”But it needn’t be this way. It’s up to businesses and employees to work out practical solutions, find ways of making work fulfilling and stress free. One of the best way of doing so, might be to make your workplace more open to flexible working options.

It cuts on the commute

No one really much likes being on the tube. Tolerate it, sure, but not many people would say that their happy place is being stuck on a cramped Northern Line tube to Vauxhall.
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