Sadly, for hundreds of thousands of people each year in the UK, their pregnancy will end in the tragedy of baby loss. One-in-four pregnancies ends in miscarriage, with more lost through ectopic and molar pregnancy, TFMR, stillbirth, neonatal and early years’ losses, leaving parents, siblings, extended family and friends bereft, often traumatised and desperate for answers.

Due to the taboo nature of baby loss, and the widespread use of the 12-week rule by society (which says that you should not share you are pregnant until after you are past your first trimester), many people feel unable to share and talk about their loss and grief, further adding to the isolation they experience.

With 74% of people reporting their received average or bad care when they experienced baby loss, and 69% of people reporting depression, mental health issues or PTSD following their loss, we must get better as a country as well as in our workplaces, at offering true compassionate care and ongoing support. In addition, 63% of partners’ report being ignored and excluded during loss, by medical professionals, adding to the trauma of their experience.

This webinar looks to:

  • Explain the different types of baby loss
  • Educate about the grieving process
  • Explain about the need for tailored and ongoing support
  • Provide easy steps to supporting those in our workplace and community

For the past ten years, Zoe has been at the forefront of baby loss care, support and change. Following the loss of five babies during pregnancy, Zoe with her husband Andy established the Mariposa Trust, a bereavement charity primarily supporting those affected by baby loss. Utilising her decades of training as a counsellor and grief specialist, coupled with her skills as a business entrepreneur, Zoe has taken the charity to being a leader in the field, today providing support that is accessed by over 50,000 people each week.

Over the past six-years Zoe has become a best-selling author, writing five books on baby loss and grief and is one of the most trusted voices on this topic across all media platforms. In 2018, Zoe was appointed to co-chair the National Pregnancy Loss Review on behalf of the Department of Health and No.10, exploring all aspects of care for any loss pre-24-weeks’ gestation and in 2021 was awarded an MBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours for services to the baby loss community and improvements in bereavement care.

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