Motherhood is one of the biggest life changes a woman will go through, emotionally, psychologically, physically and socially. However, most of the support still continues to focus on the practicalities of birth and what you need to look after a baby, and very little on supporting the woman through the monumental changes they are experiencing.

On top of that life transition, mothers then have to consider their careers and plan for returning to work. A work environment which they have been out of for up to a year will have gone through its own monumental changes. Women are riding a rollercoaster of emotions and thoughts due to leaving their babies for work and then being greeted with new faces, new ways of working, and new information, all at once, when entering the workplace. The overwhelm of this can be catastrophic, particularly if the support from their employer isn鈥檛 there, causing women to be hugely impacted in terms of confidence, and their belief in carrying out their role. This can lead women to leave their jobs and even leave their careers altogether.

Talented, high-achieving women are being lost from workforces because of the lack of support they are receiving. Too many mothers are impacted with huge dents to their personal and professional confidence, losing their sense of self and feeling as though their career is over when they become a mother. Companies are losing amazing talent and enduring extra costs to then recruit and replace.

What does the group coaching workshop cover:

This workshop is applicable to all mothers at various stages in their motherhood journey. It addresses five key topics, which are all elements within a mother's life, that are largely impacted throughout their motherhood journey. This group coaching workshop supports mothers to feel empowered within the many roles they take on in motherhood, in life and in the workplace.

The topics we discuss are:
路 Managing change in motherhood and beyond
路 Confidence and identity
路 Preventing burnout
路 Communication and connection
路 Career Ambition

How does the workshop support Mothers?

The workshop provides a space for mothers to offload, share experiences and know they are not alone. It instantly provides an environment of support and empowerment from one mother to another, whilst I as the Coach will guide them through topics of discussion, which are largely based on the recurrent challenges mothers experience.

Mums leave with tools and techniques to support and empower them in their roles. Plus, they leave feeling relieved, energized and focused, from offloading worries and sharing experiences.

What does the workshop include?

  • 2.5-hour, online or in-person group coaching workshop.
  • Tools and techniques to empower them within the many roles they take on in motherhood, in life and in the workplace.
  • Provides valuable conversation and connection between mothers in the business.
  • Follow-up PDF, including a summary of the tools and techniques shared.

This workshop would be for up to a total of 15 employees.

How the workshop is delivered:

  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Online or face to face
  • Number of Attendees: up to 10

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