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Working parents are four times more likely to suffer from parental burnout compared to those who do not have children or parents who are not working.

Parents experience burnout and exhaustion for several reasons. Those with younger children are more physically tired, while those with adolescents or teens may experience emotional exhaustion because of conflicts or relational difficulties with their children.

The pandemic has increased this issue, as recent studies highlighted that up to 80% of parents reported burnout because of the pandemic. Parents were involved in both child care and homeschooling during the day, working in the evening and this led to more anxiety and anger the next day.

Even though we may think the pandemic is over, these parents are now presenting with chronic stress which can disrupt sleep, exacerbating anxiety and irritability. This further impacts work and mental health. 

Easing some of this burden by equipping parents with the tools to feel like they are successfully managing their role as parent, resolving conflicts with teenagers, and managing the exhaustion and stress of parenting younger infants and toddlers can reduce some of the distress felt by parents. It will also reduce the potential for burn out and increase overall daily functioning.

How to understand and support your child’s behaviour at home to decrease parental burnout post-pandemic

This online webinar will provide parents with ways to understand stress and burnout, understand and support their child’s needs at home while also considering their own needs as a parent. Parents are reporting feelings of anxiety, anger, sadness, guilt, and concern in relation to behaviour at home. These feelings can become all-consuming for parents, especially working parents, and lead to burnout.

This webinar will address parental self-care and discuss mindful parenting. It will also provide tools to both understand and support the child through challenging behaviour, with the goal of reducing this behaviour over time.

This is a must for any parent, as the tools provided prevent parental burnout and increase relationship satisfaction with your child, while also increasing confidence and satisfaction overall in one’s parenting.

Background and Outcome:

Working parents are four times more likely to suffer from burnout compared to those who do not have children or parents who are not working.

This programme has been researched and found to:

  • Increase confidence among parents
  • Increase ability to manage behavioural difficulties
  • Result in positive changes in their relationships with the children and themselves as a parent.
  • Lead to less parental stress

Workshop Outline:

  • This workshop will begin with a discussion on parental burnout, why it occurs, what it looks like, and how to manage it.
  • We will then discuss trying to understand behaviour in children and why children engage in certain behaviours. This will include the role of the parent in managing these behaviours.
  • Once we understand behaviours, we will look at ways to prevent them from occurring, considering tools for emotional regulation and communication for example. 
  • Then lastly, we need to consider a way to respond to behaviour to remain consistent in our approach so that we feel confident, capable and calm in the face of behavioural challenges.

Workshop Delivery:

  • This online webinar caters for up to 100 people
  • Delivered online
  • One hour in duration
  • 15 minutes Q&A and a PDF handout at the end of session. 

More about Dr. Claire Conlon and The Caterpillar Clinic. 

Dr. Claire Conlon, is the founder of The Caterpillar Clinic, Clinical Psychology Services She is a chartered senior clinical psychologist with over 10 years’ experience from both the UK and Ireland. She fell in love with psychology whilst working in Great Ormond Street Hospital in London nearly 15 years ago and has not looked back since. She is also a mum to three very energetic and loving boys.

Dr Conlon is a highly trained and experienced professional. She has completed an undergraduate, masters and doctorate in Clinical Psychology and has worked both privately and within the health service in Ireland and the UK for over a decade.

The Caterpillar Clinic offers one to one consultation and intervention both virtually and in person, as well as child psychological assessments. There is also online, instant access parenting programmes to fit into parents’ busy schedules. 

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