Module 1: An introduction to psychologically safe line management techniques

Module 2: Supporting employees to access and return from parental leave

Module 1:

This workshop will equip Managers with psychologically safe line management techniques and guide Managers in supporting employees on their return from parental leave.

The Objective of the Workshop:

A half-day introduction to the principles of psychological safety, including trauma-informed practice and compassion-focused thinking (CFT). A thought-provoking, yet practical session that introduces the theory and brings to life how managers can practically implement these approaches in their management style to support staff more effectively. This is essential training for all line managers, useful for managing all aspects of day-to-day life, but especially when significant life events occur. The focus is on the directly affected employee but also considers the needs of other colleagues in the team.

We will cover:

  • Identifying the needs of employees when major life events occur and how this may impact the team
  • Understanding psychological safety, trauma-informed practice, and compassion
  • Understanding the specific impacts of separation, new parenthood, bereavement and loss
  • Practical ways to be a more supportive manager and colleague
  • Case studies and problem-solving the impact of specific events

Duration: 3 hours online

Max of 10 delegates

Module 2: 

Part 2 of the psychologically safe line management training. This session focuses on the specific needs of employees who are becoming parents and then returning to work. You will learn techniques of effective line management to support working parents in their transition back to the workplace. This session explores a range of common challenges associated with this period and provides pragmatic and emotionally literate ways of giving support.

We will cover:

  • Understanding the principles of transition and mental health needs associated with the perinatal period
  • Understanding the common needs of employees during this time
  • Using the principles of psychological safety, CFT and trauma-informed practice to support colleagues during the perinatal period and beyond
  • Systemic self-evaluation of current policies and procedures
  • Understanding some of the legal requirements associated with parental leave

Duration: 3 hours online

Max of 10 delegates


When modules 1 and 2 are booked at the same time, a 10% discount is offered. 

Module 1 needs to be completed as a baseline before module 2 can be accessed. 

Fees are inclusive of printable workbooks and online session delivery.  In-person delivery can be arranged at an additional cost.

Individual reflective supervision is available for line managers at an additional cost.

Lunch and learn sessions can be arranged for colleagues to understand the concepts of CFT, psychological safety and supporting colleagues during significant life events.

Who is it for?

Managers and HR staff.

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About Stacy Moore

Stacy is an experienced HCPC registered Chartered Educational Psychologist and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society. She is the founder and Director of Inner Circles Psychology Ltd, a London-based consultancy that works with both education and employment settings to provide consultation, assessment, training and reflective supervision.
Stacy helps organisations to become more psychologically safe, and be bolder in their commitment to staff wellbeing, acknowledging the psychological impact of home and workplace culture. Stacy is creator of the Back2Life Programme for women returning to the workplace after maternity leave. She has featured as a consultant psychologist contributor on various news media, including BBC News, Channel 5, The Telegraph, Evening Standard and Metro.

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