In this workshop, we will help your company to understand the importance of supporting the women in your business who might be going through Peri-Menopause and Menopause, which in return helps prevent women leaving the workforce due to their symptoms.

One third of women will experience severe symptoms and are more likely to hide how they are feeling due to feel scrutinised and judged. This can lead women in the office leaving the workplace. We will help you to open the conversations and remove stigma, which in turn leads to a more supported workforce and helps with the retention of staff.

Workshop contents:

  • Statistics about women leaving the workplace during peri/menopause and impact on the relevant sector/industry
  • What are the perimenopause and menopause?
  • Spotting the signs: mental and physical health
  • Workplace obstacles
  • How to best support women going through the perimenopause and menopause at work
  • Lifestyle changes and medical help
  • Short focus on menopause at any age and the workplace (early and premature menopause)

Workshop Objectives:

  • Learn about menopausal symptoms, triggers and bust myths
  • Get the menopause conversation started and create a comfortable environment to discuss the impact on work, normalising peri/menopause
  • Improve awareness of peri/menopause among managers as a real occupational health issue and raise awareness among staff
  • Devise solutions together to improve women’s wellbeing
  • Discuss offering direct access to support (medical, lifestyle, mental health related)

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