“Children around the world need support from their parents right now. And parents need support from their employers”

COVID 19 Statement From UNICEF

The Dilemma

Working parents have been under unprecedented pressure due to COVID19. The impact of remote working on work performance and mental health is well documented.

Positive emotional health requires us all to be connected to our needs. For parents, an additional dimension which cannot be denied is the pull to the emotional needs of our children. The palpable tension for working parents to thrive in our work, our family life and personal well-being is only getting stronger.

The number of women in work with dependent children has increased over time.  In 2019, 75% of mothers with dependent children were in work. Given mothers and fathers need to balance work with family life, research indicating the importance of balance is not surprising.  

A survey by Fit for Work showed that half of the parents feel their work-life balance is a source of stress, and that 11 million working parents feel guilty about their ability to provide their best at work and for their family.  The stress on parents due to the COVID-19 pandemic was demonstrated by the CO-SPACE study of 6000 parents, which showed increased rates of depression, anxiety and stress.  

A Science-Based Solution

The correlation between personal wellbeing, stress and work performance and productivity is well established. Given the unprecedented pressure on working parents over the last year, the need to rapidly examine specific strategies to lighten the burden for corporate parents feels intuitive, compassionate and warranted.  

Employers can help their employees by showing they can empathise with the perspective of working parents.  Further still, offering a science-backed coaching service that is designed specifically to help enhance the collective emotional wellbeing of their family, would revolutionise feelings of being valued within a workforce.

​Dr Gauri Seth offers Brain-Based interventions rooted in empirical and evidence-based science,  designed specifically to help parents show up at their workplace with a state of mind conducive to their best performance.

Applying insights from neuroscience, cognitive behavioural theory, family systems theory and more, The Brain-Based Connection programme® will improve the day-to-day, on-the-ground dynamics within a family household.  As family well-being is the bedrock of any parent’s individual well-being, this programme will promote happiness amongst colleagues.

Happy colleagues are 13% more productive, more empathic, and better placed to optimise their potential.  

Taking efforts to offer colleagues parenting support- something so fundamentally important to their wellbeing- will undoubtedly positively impact talent retention.  Working parents have so much to offer.  Supporting them will both enhance attraction and retention.

By applying specific behavioural strategies and fostering connected parenting, this programme will:

  • Boost connection between parent and child
  • Facilitate smoother and less emotionally exhausting family dynamics
  • Enable parents to offer even more to their work thanks to all the benefits of improved psychological wellbeing, happiness, gratitude and conscious parenting
  • Help build a great culture where working parents feel valued, so they can really thrive
  • Boost talent diversity, innovation and diversity of thought through retention of working parents

Gauri provides webinars and workshops topics on the following topics:

  1. How to boost emotional connection with children
  2. Digital tech addiction and children
  3. How to become your child’s emotional intelligence coach
  4. How to talk about feelings with your children
  5. How to embed empathy kindness and non-judgemental attitudes in children
  6. How parents can address the development of unconscious racial bias in their children
  7. Self-care for working parents- why it matters and how to do it
  8. How to train your childcare network to meet the emotional needs of your child when at work
  9. Results without harmful pressure: Emotional wellbeing and self-esteem in children of aspirational parents aiming high in academic, sporting or performance achievements
  10. “It takes a village”: How to develop your tribe with boundaries that work to thrive

By embedding emotional intelligence into everyday family life, Dr Gauri’s purpose-rich connection coaching method helps parents:

  • Overcome ‘parent guilt’ facilitating enhanced focus, productivity, well-being and engagement at home and at work
  • Set parameters for work and family life so that people can excel in both
  • Feel in control of the many demands on their time and cognitive bandwidth
  • Embed compassion, empathy and inclusivity in children
  • Encourage non-judgemental values with strategies for parents to address unconscious bias in their children

By supporting the next generation with essential pro-social values, Dr Gauri’s programme is placed to drive corporate purpose at a time when talent attraction and retention are high on many company agendas.

How the workshop is delivered:

  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Delivered online or in person
  • Attendees: No limit
  • Includes a Q&A session

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