This workshop explores how fatherhood has changed over the last few decades and current expectations from working dads (particularly since the pandemic), the challenges modern dads face, the benefits to supporting working dads (including reducing the gender pay gap, wellbeing, childrenโ€™s outcomes, attraction and retention) and how organisations can support working dads through policy (including parental leave and flexible working policies), line management and culture.This is an interactive workshop that includes slide questions and a panel of dads from your organisation.This workshop is perfect if you are aiming to:
  • Engage more dads in your parenting network
  • Prompt discussion around the dads' experiences in your organisation
  • Engage more men in conversations around gender equality
  • Explore some practical actions to support working parents as we emerge from lockdown and the pandemic, and improve gender equality in your organisation.
Workshop โ€“ 1 hour 15 minsElliot is hugely passionate about equality and he enjoys using his voice to connect with people, increase understanding of some important issues and inspire behaviour and culture change. He works frequently with staff parenting networks, gender networks and D&I teams.

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