This workshop will equip Managers on personal loss with the objective of providing:

  • An โ€˜overviewโ€™ of the different types of personal loss
  • An understanding of how it may affect us
  • Practical ways to support someone going through loss
  • Practical ways to help ourself
  • Details of when, where and who to reach out to for emotional support.

The workshop will include/cover the following:

  • Personal losses we may experience during our life
  • An explanation of the loss cycle
  • How loss might manifest
  • Patterns to spot
  • Emotional support and why it can be beneficial
  • Support for specific needs
  • Resources

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About Celia Conrad

Celia Conrad is a Relationship Expert, Certified Grief Educator, Break-up and Divorce Coach and the creator of the transformative H.E.A.L I.T program. With her many years of professional experience supporting individuals in overcoming heartbreak and personal loss, as well as her own experiences of personal loss, she understands the unique challenges being faced and she offers practical strategies to navigate the complexities of grief and tools and guidance needed to navigate one's healing journey.

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