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It’s Halloween season and if you’re like us, you’re ready to give ’em pumpkin to talk about – see what we did there? So we’ve compiled our favourite easy tips for a successful and sustainable Halloween season, filled with DIY costumes and decorations, spooky recipes and harmless pranks that are sure to amuse the kids.

1. Let’s start with one of our favourites, the octopus costume!

Simple really, just fill four pairs of stockings with fabric/wool/cotton and attach them all together to a belt. This can be tied or sewn depending on your skill level. Those are your tentacles! Dress your little one in a colour that matches the tentacles and stick some cut out paper eyes onto their shirt. And there you have it, a super easy costume that’s bound to impress! All ready to wiggle around town! 

2. Ever thought of how cute your little one would look dressed as a scarecrow?

You’ll likely have all that’s needed in your child’s wardrobe, so no last minute Amazon order needed! All you’ll need for this one are some overalls, a checkered shirt, a straw hat (though any hat will do really) and some face paint – okay okay, a bit of face painting skill might be helpful here too!

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