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Our story

Following Stephanie’s fertility struggles and multiple IVF rounds, she discovered there was no easy way of finding help – this impacted her work and home life drastically. With 5 children between both Steph and Binky, they shared a common pain point of being unable to get quick access to trusted and verified professionals. They launched bloss to provide a one-stop shop of trusted experts, crowd-sourced advice and downloadable resources.

Bloss’ mission is to connect people to a one-stop shop of credible, trusted professionals across their entire journey including fertility, pregnancy and parenting. We do this by working with large and small organisations.

We passionately believe that if you’re happy at home, then you’re happy at work.


Bloss is the brainchild of Steph Desmond and Binky Felstead. As mothers, they intimately understand the challenges parents face when seeking expertise at any stage of parenthood. Binky’s media profile and reach as a mummy influencer combined with Steph’s experience in leading the launch and meteoric growth of Uber across the United Kingdom to become a global market leader, together, they form a formidable partnership, ready to take on the challenge of improving family life for employees and organisations by giving easy access to parenting experts and a like-minded community.

Steph Desmond

Steph left a career in finance after seeing the potential of Uber. First 100 employees globally and number 3 of the founding UK team, she grew the platform from just a handful of riders in London, launching Uber in several UK cities to become the dominant market leader globally. As an early-stage tech investor and advisor, Steph knows how to hustle, scale and grow good ideas into great businesses. She is the proud mother of Tadhg, Pearl and Bella.

Binky Felstead

Following a successful media career, Binky is now one of the UK’s most trusted and admired voices on parenthood. Binky will work closely with Steph in shaping the creative strategy of the platform, using her influential network to grow the bloss community of qualified parenting experts and users. She is the proud mother of India and Wolfie.

How bloss works for members
Employees can hand-pick trusted, vetted and qualified experts
Members can schedule video calls and in-person appointments quickly and easily at times that suit them
Teams and leaders can absorb informative, inspiring videos, articles and audio from experts
There's a community of like-minded people, downloadable courses, planners and routines
Leadership can learn how to execute return to work strategies and best practices
Members can buy recommended products from the bloss shop
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