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Parent SOS Programme

Want to fully support your valued employees throughout maternity leave and beyond?

Introducing our Innovative New, Parenting SOS Programme

Drawing from our invaluable experience supporting thousands of first-time mothers in the UK, we are proud to present our pioneering new Parenting SOS Programme. Designed specifically for businesses seeking to empower first-time mothers during their maternity leave and throughout their return to work transition, this 15-month program is intended to help employers support, empower and retain valued members of their workforce.

Why did we create the Parenting SOS Programme?

A groundbreaking 2022 study conducted by ‘That Works For Me,’ surveyed 848 women in the UK and revealed a striking trend: an overwhelming 98% of mothers expressed their desire to work. However, a significant 85% of these women left their full-time jobs within three years of becoming mothers. 

It costs a UK employer on average £25-£35k for every employee resignation. This takes into account factors such as the cost and time for advertising a post and assessing applicants, lengthy interview processes and subsequent training time for the successful applicant of 3-6 months to reach the level of competency required.

The Parenting SOS Programme was designed in partnership with leading educational psychologist Stacy Moore PGCE MSc CPsychol AFBPSS, who specialises in supporting mothers through transitional periods of their lives. We wanted to go some way to close and retain the talent gap and in addition, save businesses money in the long run. 

The Power of Diversity: A Game-Changer for Businesses

Research has shown that Fortune 500 companies boasting higher female board representation have consistently outperformed their counterparts with fewer women. Yet, the benefits of a diverse workplace reach beyond financial success. The Center for Creative Leadership’s 2019 study highlights that companies with a higher percentage of women in their workforce tend to enjoy greater overall job satisfaction, meaningful work experiences, and reduced employee burnout.

Transforming Work Culture for New Mothers

In recent years, UK companies have taken strides towards flexible remote work arrangements and prioritised employee wellness. Despite these efforts, a concerning number of women have opted to leave their positions due to a perceived misalignment with company values during the transition to motherhood. This misalignment is most keenly felt in the initial 18 months of becoming a mother, a period characterised by isolation and uncertainty upon returning to work. 

Bloss supports employees from trying to conceive up until a child is 18 years old, but the period between 3 to 18 months post birth is a critical time for new mothers.

What is the Parenting SOS Programme?

The Parenting SOS Programme is a 15 month programme connecting up to 10 women on maternity leave from a range of industries.

The format offers:

  • Personalised Guidance: One-on-one sessions with a leading psychologist, tailored to your unique journey.
  • Interactive Group Coaching: Participate in live group coaching sessions, fostering connection and mutual support.
  • Expert Insights: Access on-demand webinars featuring a range of parenting experts from the bloss app.
  • Navigating Critical Milestones: Co-created with renowned educational psychologist Stacy Moore PGCE MSc CPsychol AFBPSS, the program comprehensively addresses crucial milestones during the first 18 months of parenthood.

Allow your employees to embrace a seamless return to work with Bloss. 

How to join on behalf of your employees

Be part of our inaugural Parenting SOS Programme cohort, commencing on September 18th, 2023. Please register your interest by booking a discovery call or by contacting us via email [email protected]

Please note: availability is currently very limited. 

Join us in revolutionising the work experience for new mothers and facilitate them in being supported every step of the way.

Register now and embark on this transformative journey with us as a pioneering workplace.