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8 Tips to Settle your Newborn Baby in the Postpartum Period

Attempting to settle a newborn baby in the postpartum period can leave many parents feeling concerned, helpless and upset. After all, the fourth trimester is a time where your baby is adapting to the outside world. It feels alien to them, it feels overwhelming, and their brain is developing hugely at this stage. They have […]

Navigating Pre-Natal Depression: Malin Andersson

Malin Andersson – Navigating Pre-Natal Depression As we’re approaching baby loss awareness week, I write this blog with a heavy but also light heart. I’m currently pregnant with my second child, but as many of you may know, I’m still grieving the loss of my first child, Consy. After giving birth at 32 weeks and […]

Advice and Support for Baby Loss

Baby loss is not just a story of grief, of pain and tears; it’s a story of love, of celebration, of becoming parents. It’s a place where sorrow and love collide, where dreams lay shattered on the floor, but simultaneously a new view of life can be birthed. It is only when the silent scream […]

baby loss

Chloe’s Story – ‘There Is Light After Baby Loss’

Hello, I’m Chloe and this is my daughter Daphne who is one. Almost two years ago we lost our first son Leo, 5 months into my pregnancy when my waters broked prematurely (PPROM). Unfortunately, this was just 4 weeks prior to what is classified as “viable” gestation. I don’t think anyone could prepare you for […]

sleep bloss parenthood experts

3 Tips to Aid Postnatal Recovery for New Mums

Following nine months of pregnancy and going through labour, it’s only natural that you’re not feeling yourself – well, you have just given birth to a baby! While you shouldn’t rush to get back to normal (what is normal anywhere), there are some things you can do to make yourself feel more like you again. […]

Depression and Anxiety During and After Pregnancy

Depression and anxiety can occur at any stage throughout pregnancy and postnatally. Having a baby can be a rollercoaster of a ride in terms of emotions but depression and anxiety can cause a change in mood that is persistent and more severe than the average tearfulness that a woman may experience on the odd occasion. […]

Mum Breastfeeding baby

A Dermatologist’s Guide to Breastfeeding

Nipple and breast skin health are fundamental to your breastfeeding journey if you are choosing to breastfeed. Rather than put up with or trying to battle through the pain on your own, here are some top tips to try to prevent any soreness as well as how to manage any issues. You shouldn’t have to […]

Raising Awareness of Premature Babies NICU

Going into labour early is a scary and stressful time for any parent. The busy and noisy NICU environment can be overwhelming with different machines beeping and doctors and nurses talking to you about the care your baby needs. But, there will be an end to this period of your baby’s journey – here NICU […]

NICU – Baby Jackson’s Story | Bloss Real Parent Series

When you are 27 weeks pregnant the last words you want or expect to hear are “We need to go to theatre as your baby is coming”. This was probably the scariest thing I have heard and started what will be a very long and scary journey through the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).  I went […]

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Alice Curry

Norland Nanny BA

My name is Alice Curry, and I am a 28 year old fully qualified Norland Nanny. With over 10 years of childcare experience under my belt having worked with babies from the moment they are born, all the way up until teens. Since qualifying with both a degree in Early Childhood Studies and the unique Norland Diploma, I have also trained to become a Level 4 Maternity Practitioner, where I help both parents and the baby settle into a good solid routine and give the parents up to date advice. Over the years I have found myself working for a range of families in different settings, from VIP’s to royals, travel nannying to being a full-time nanny, I really have seen it all. I absolutely love helping children be creative by setting up fun yet simple and affordable activities. Whether they’re for an educational purpose of just for fun, they really can be enjoyed by the whole family. This was where I really found my passion, and set up @nanny.inspiration.station to help inspire parents, grandparents, nannies, and anyone in-between for fun ideas for you and your little ones. From potty training to behavior management, from what to pack in your suitcase to how to stimulate your little one’s brains and everything in between, I truly believe I can give you all the help, advice, tips and tricks you may need for your little one.
Marley Hall

Midwife Advanced Diploma

Marley is a UK registered, award winning midwife from Surrey, living with her partner and 5 children. Since qualifying in 2009, she worked extensively within the NHS, caring for women from a wide range of backgrounds during pregnancy, birth and postnatally. In 2011 Marley qualified as a Hypnobirthing instructor and went on to teach couples locally the techniques to having a better birth. After the birth of her 5th baby in 2019 whilst on maternity leave, she decided to start an Instagram page to provide education for expectant parents. Her popular account has since attracted over 100k followers and also prompted her to launch a podcast called Bumps, Birth, Boobs and Babies. Marley has been a speaker at many events on and offline including The baby Show, Royal College of Midwives, Birthing with colour and more, quickly became the ‘go to’ midwife for publishers seeking expert comment within the news. She has appeared on Sky Global News, BBC Radio London, Uk Health Radio and taken part in a recent Dispatches documentary alongside Rochelle Humes. Marley now works as a private independent midwife in and around London. Her expertise and support is also sought after by international clients who often book consultations with her via Skype. Her successful Hypnobirthing course was made available online and has helped hundreds of people throughout the UK and internationally. In November 2020, Marley landed a book deal with Bloomsbury publishing following an 8 way auction. Her debut book Midwife Marley’s Guide for Everyone: Pregnancy, Birth & The Fourth Trimester is available for pre order pending release in spring 2022. She is also currently the resident midwife for Channel MUM and contributed as an expert to Spice girl Emma Buntons debut book ‘Mama you got this’
Lucy Gregory

Parent Consultant BA (Hons)

NEST is a private Early Years Consultancy Service offering bespoke support to families with children aged 0-5 years. NEST works closely with you and your family in a nurturing and non-judgmental way, to support you in your child’s early years, whilst also ensuring the advice we give is up-to-date evidence based information.
NEST is proud to have a strong ethos ensuring that every family receives a service which is confidential, informative, and exclusively tailored to each individual family and their needs.
NEST was founded in 2018 by Lucy, a qualified Norland Nanny and Maternity Practitioner who has over ten years of experience, and has worked with families and their children, both privately and in the community through the NHS. This has enabled Lucy to gain a wealth of knowledge and experiences and she passionately believes that no two journeys are the same which is why she felt a bespoke service should be made available. NEST can help you on any of the following:
– Weaning
– Behaviour
– Sleep
– Fussy Eating
– Separation Anxiety
– Toilet Training
– School Readiness
– Infant Feeding
– Moving House
– General Parenting Support
If you have been looking for support for your little one and are not sure where to turn, then please do get in touch.
We would be delighted to help you with our non-judgmental and approachable service.
Dr Claire Conlon

Senior Clinical Psychologist PsychD

Hello everyone, my name is Claire and I am a Senior Clinical Psychologist with over 10 years’ experience from both the UK and Ireland. I fell in love with psychology whilst working in Great Ormond Street Hospital over 10 years ago and have not looked back since. I am also a mum to two energetic and loving boys who have also taught me a great deal about child development, parenting and the all-important parental self-care.  I studied psychology as an undergrad in University College Dublin, before completing a masters in psychology in University College London and finally my clinical psychology training in Trinity College Dublin…..long road but totally worth it! When providing support for parents and children, I draw on attachment theory, developmental psychology, infant mental health, mindful parenting, behavioural support and cognitive behavioural therapy. I also provide much needed support for parents around trauma related to difficult birth experiences or coping with being a parent to a child with physical, medical, neurobiological or additional needs.  ​​

The home of parenthood experts School of life

Bloss is a one-stop-shop of user rated, professional experts who parents and parents-to-be can now easily discover and interact with through the platform by booking in-person consultations, video calls, chat, digest free bitesize advice and download their classes and resources to help navigate their entire parenting journey from trying to conceive to parenting teenagers. Whether you’re looking for help with fertility, birth-prep, health, lactation, sleep training, routines, nutrition, allergies, behavioural support, alternative needs, education, careers, legal and financial advice or managing your family’s mental wellbeing (to name a few), there has never been an easier way to find it, all in one place. We’re on a mission to connect men, women and carers with some of the world’s most credible, trusted professionals at the touch of a button. Bloss can help make what is an extremely challenging journey of highs and lows that little bit easier.
The Daddy Sleep Consultant

Sleep Consultant

I am the first qualified male baby and toddler sleep consultant in the UK & Ireland and a Dad of 2 amazing boys, Teddy and Rafferty. I specialise in designing gentle sleep training programmes specific to individual families and their lifestyles. I do not believe in, or use, the “crying it out” method. I offer one-to-one training programmes and my unique selling point is that I provide unlimited support. Although you often see results in just a few days, I will not end my support until little ones are sleeping through the night or when their personal sleep goals are achieved. I offer free 15-minute consultations to discuss my one-to-one coaching programmes in more detail. I also have a series of online courses following The Daddy Sleep Consultant sleep training method. I have distilled all my experience working with families one-on-one and created age-specific training courses to help parents deliver the same results themselves. I understand how impactful sleep deprivation is to our physical and mental health and my drive is to help families get their sleep back and fully enjoy being a parent or caregiver. As the only male in this industry, I am also striving to help Dads feel more involved and move the industry’s narrative to be more inclusive of all parents and caregivers.
Annie Reed

Personal Assistant BA (Hons)

Annie Reed provides Virtual Assistant services to small companies, start-ups, individuals, and households. Annie offers a bespoke service, creating a tailored package to suit the needs of the client, based on an initial consultation. Annie focuses on creating a client experience that reflects the core values of each business or individual she works with. Annie is highly skilled at improving the efficiency of systems and processes; enabling her clients to make better use of their day and fully realise their ambitions. Annie is adept at managing many conflicting demands with unflustered calm, and a reassuring confidence which is consciously founded on diligent, timely and thorough planning. Annie’s previous jobs have taken her all over the world and she has been fortunate enough to work in Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia. Annie is now based in Devon, having recently relocated from London, and works with clients across the UK. Individual and Household Support If you feel there aren’t enough hours in the day, then a Virtual Assistant might be your saving grace. Annie will tackle the tasks that you don’t have time for, allowing you to spend quality time with your family. With ten years’ experience supporting Senior Executives with incredibly busy schedules, Annie understands how demanding balancing a fast-paced career with a family can be. If your personal admin is starting to feel like a second job, then why not delegate those tasks to Annie and enjoy admin freedom. With pricing packages to suit everyone, Annie offers a flexible approach to work around your busy schedule. Small Company and Start-up Support If your small business or start up venture requires administrative support without the need for a full time resource, Annie provides the perfect solution – creating cost-effective results that enable you to focus on building your business.
Rebecca Ashton

Behaviour Specialist, Nanny, Sleep Consultant

Hello! I’m Rebecca, a certified sleep consultant. Having worked closely with families for more than 10 years I have noticed the most talked about topic amongst parents is sleep. How long are they sleeping? How early do they wake? Are they restless? Sleep is something parents crave most. It’s well acknowledged that neither parents nor children can function on limited sleep. I can help you to implement the foundations needed for happy, well rested little ones. Getting little to no sleep is not something you have to ‘put up with’ and doesn’t have to be ‘part of being a parent’. Sleep training has come a long way since the ‘cry it out’ method was used. We can improve both your sleep and the sleep of you little one using gentle, no cry techniques, enabling you to tend to their needs whilst teaching them independence and providing safety and security.

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Zoe Bridgeman
21 Oct, 2021
Review on Bloss expert:
Louise bell
Louise’s warm and professional nature, combined with her knowledge, advice, tips, and supportive ear reflects her many years in the profession, as well as her own experience. I can’t recommend Louise and her consultations/classes enough!
20 Oct, 2021
Review on Bloss expert:
emma preisler
My highest recommendations and love for Emma! She was my (online) doula and yoga teacher all the way through pregnancy, birth and postpartum. After the birth she also assisted me and my baby with breastfeeding techniques when we were struggling, and since then we have been enjoying every minute of it. Throughout this whole phase Emma has always been there and helped me find calmness, strength and connection to my baby and I’m forever grateful for her professional yet personal guidance ✨
Alena Oldham
20 Oct, 2021
Review on Bloss expert:
Lucy Gregory
Lucy supported me with several issues related to both my toddler (toilet training, behaviour, adjusting to new sibling) and baby (sleep, weaning) and she was excellent! Lucy was kind, supportive and completely un-judgemental and worked with us to help both of my children with the various issues we’ve been working on. Since implementing changes using her advice and guidance we have both happier and relaxed children and parents! I would completely recommend Lucy if you’re looking for some support.
carol Mannings
18 Oct, 2021
Looking at Milestones and Development
Really helpful , thanks
Karen Daley
16 Oct, 2021
Love Makes a Family | Adoption Journey – Real Parents | Real Stories
Fantastically written straight from the heart - can’t wait for future updates
Lloyd Morgan
16 Oct, 2021
Love Makes a Family | Adoption Journey – Real Parents | Real Stories
A lovely, beautiful and emotional read. Thank you for sharing.x
Lydia Drukarz
15 Oct, 2021
Review on Bloss expert:
Gemma Sophia
Gemma and Sophia are not only experts in their field but both are young mums, so it's reassuring to know that they have first hand knowledge about the challenges of parenting! They offer warm and friendly support, guidance and some excellent practical tips to help parents of all ages tackle a range of issues from sleep problems to tantrums, sharing, difficult behaviour and everything in between. I've tried some of their advice and it really works! Highly recommend contacting them.
Adiva Kalms
15 Oct, 2021
Review on Bloss expert:
Gemma Sophia
If you’re after some really practical tools to help manage some of the more challenging behaviours your children throw at you then you’ve come to the right place. The team at Toddlersteensandbetween really take the time to understand the issues and provide a step by step approach to help manage and move forward from difficult behaviours in a calm and happy way … highly recommend reaching out to them !
Gila Polak
14 Oct, 2021
Review on Bloss expert:
Gemma Sophia
The ladies at Toddlersteensandbetween are totally incredible. They are on-hand to help tackle pretty much any issue or tough phase you might be experiencing with your little one. From understanding to providing fantastic tips and solutions, they are the go-to team if you are in need of any help or advice. I highly highly recommend this fabulous team. From a mum of a 2 year old boy and 5 year old girl. Thank you Toddlersteensandbetween for all your help!
Debra Drukarz
14 Oct, 2021
Review on Bloss expert:
Gemma Sophia
Toddlersteensandbetweens are sensational. Give great practical advice in an easy to digest fun format on parenting skills. Can’t recommend them highly enough. Always there to offer help and advice on specific individual problems too.
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