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8 Tips to Settle your Newborn Baby in the Postpartum Period

Attempting to settle a newborn baby in the postpartum period can leave many parents feeling concerned, helpless and upset. After all, the fourth trimester is a time where your baby is adapting to the outside world. It feels alien to them, it feels overwhelming, and their brain is developing hugely at this stage. They have […]


Benefits and risks of a vaginal birth

There are risks and benefits with everything we do in life, and vaginal birth carries benefits as well as risks. In the UK thanks to our human rights laws, thanks to Birthrights campaigning over the years and the NICE guidelines everything you do during pregnancy, labour and birth is your choice. It is your birth, […]

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Recovery tips for your caesarean birth

Having a caesarean birth is abdominal surgery and for most women will take 4-6 weeks to recover. There are many things which can help your caesarean birth recovery and here are my ten top tips. 1. Take probiotics after birth to counteract the effects of the antibiotics given to you during the caesarean birth. Antibiotics […]

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Benefits and risks of a caesarean birth

Knowing the possible benefits and risks of having a c-section can help you decide how you would like to give birth. Opting for a caesarean birth can depend on a variety of factors – such as whether you are having a planned or emergency c-section, your general health and your baby’s wellbeing. Throughout this article, […]

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Caesarean birth

Hypnobirthing for your caesarean birth Group class

Two hour group session for anyone planning on a caesarean birth to discuss: What to expect from your caesarean birth Techniques to help you remain calm throughout Recovery tips, what to expect, how to help postnatally How to improve your recovery and tips during pregnancy Includes one downloadable track to help you relax towards the […]

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