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Knowing the possible benefits and risks of having a c-section can help you decide how you would like to give birth. Opting for a caesarean birth can depend on a variety of factors – such as whether you are having a planned or emergency c-section, your general health and your baby’s wellbeing. Throughout this article, I aim to discuss the benefits and risks of caesarean birth to ease any concerns, and to provide expert & research-led insights towards your birth options. You can also find my article ‘Benefits and risks of vaginal birth’ within my portfolio of free content on bloss, to ensure you are fully informed on each birth option. Let’s get started.

What are the benefits and possibilities of a caesarean birth and why might I be offered a caesarean birth?

Common reasons to be offered a caesarean include:

  • IUGR (a baby who has stopped growing)
  • Twins, particularly if neither baby is head down or engaged, or if there are concerns with growth or wellbeing of the baby
  • Any baby with abnormal monitoring or scans
  • Placenta previa
  • Breech baby (particularly if baby is not in a frank breech position)
  • Vasa previa
  • Other fetal or maternal health conditions on an individualised basis

In addition you can also request a caesarean birth. You will be counselled regarding the risks and benefits, particularly to the long term health and wellbeing implications, particularly for any future pregnancies you may be planning.

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