Itโ€™s so hard when you know your baby is tired but they will not settle in their sleep space on their back. And you know from all the online literature โ€“ mine included! โ€“ that a newborn baby should be sleeping up to around 18-20 hours of sleep per day, and even a 6 month old should be sleeping around 14-15 hours. But what do you do if your baby wonโ€™t lie on their back? So many of us have our babies on our chest all night because thatโ€™s where they are most comfortable and the only place they will sleep. We would do anything for our babies, but this isnโ€™t always safe, and longer-term it can be so impactful to you and your physical and mental health.

What causes a baby not to settle on their back?

Firstly, they are not alone. There are some really commons reasons why babies don't settle on their backs:
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