Reward star charts are a good strategy for short term behaviours/ action/ work that you want to see your between change. They offer a reward when your between has consistently been doing the desired behaviours (and you can have mini rewards along the way to maintain interest).

? Discuss the WHY! Why is it important to work on this specific work/ behaviour/ action and crucially, what the benefits of your between working towards this will be for both them and you!

✏️Ensure your reward star chart aim is specific and achievable! If you want your between to be able to do the work/ behaviour/ action by themselves, then you need to be really specific about the what, when, where and how details! Flood them with praise when they achieve it and this will lead to positive feelings in them and create the need to do it again!

⭐️ Visible stickers next to the correct work/behaviour/ action. It is important for your between to see and is also great to boost their self-esteem! To be able to track their achievements within a day, week or month is brilliant and consider keeping the chart in a little journal ? and look back at previous weekend to remember their accomplishments!

♥ Finally the reward is a big incentive here, and it doesn’t have to be financial! Before beginning, include your child in the discussion about what they think a good reward may be. Have some ideas yourself, listen to your between’s requests and decide together!