Binky Felstead: ‘Parenting Is Far From Rainbows And Butterflies’

Binky writes about her miscarriage, second-time motherhood and why she’s launched a platform to help parents navigate those tricky times.


binky felstead bloss grazia

Whether I was trying to conceive, first time mum to India, struggling through my miscarriage at 10 weeks or needing to refresh my memory about all things boobs and nappies when Wolfie was born, the one thing I have learnt is that parenting is far from rainbows and butterflies. The fact is, every parent has a different journey and although you can never compare any of them, one thing I now know for sure is that the journey for each and every one of us is full of challenges, highs and lows. Regardless of how easy it was for your best friend to fall pregnant with baby number 1, we all have a story!

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