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I often get asked if it’s possible to feed kids a healthy and nutritious vegan, vegetarian, or mainly plant-based diet? Firstly it’s very important to know that you CAN raise healthy and thriving children on a plant-based diet. However, this involves a huge amount of commitment to cooking from scratch and educating yourself on optimising the nutrients your children consume – it’s certainly not the easy option. Every bite counts when it comes to feeding a vegan child and this means building a really positive feeding experience for your baby all the way from the start. There are some potential pitfalls to feeding your children a wholly vegan or mainly plant-based diet, and I share how to avoid these, as well as the nitty-gritty on how to ensure your little ones get the right nutrition both in the short and long term.

Raising kids on an entirely vegan diet can be successfully done and if this is a cause you are passionate about, then I totally respect this choice. However, bringing up kids on a wholly vegan diet is a huge commitment and responsibility; and if you choose this route for your family, my advice is to regularly run blood tests to check nutrient levels like iron, B12 and Vitamin D as well as consult with a nutritional therapist well versed in supporting plant-based families. This is to give you the peace of mind you are doing a great job!

Even though I wholly believe that most of us should be eating many more veggies and plant-based foods, restricting a diet in growing kids and cutting out whole food groups can make things much more complicated than a lot of people can handle. So if like me you do your research, you will find that unless you make optimal nutrition a top priority for your family, both vegan and vegetarian diets can potentially compromise a child’s nutrition, which in turn could affect their health and development. With this in mind here are my top tips so you gain confidence in your food choices and you make the right nutrition decisions for your kids so they blossom and thrive as they grow up.

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