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The decision to freeze your eggs is always one fraught with emotion: why do I need to think about this at all? Is egg freezing expensive? Am I doing the right thing when there are no guarantees?

I can guide you through the blurb, explain the facts, and most importantly provide an environment for your treatment where you feel comfortable and supported.

More and more women are thinking of freezing their eggs these days. If I had my way, all women would have free egg freezing at the age of 30 if they were still single!

The rationale behind the concept is that a woman is born with a certain number of eggs which accumulate genetic defects and diminish in number with age so that by the time a woman is 42, approximately 70% of her reduced number of eggs, will be genetically abnormal. Freezing eggs arrests that accumulation of genetic defects. Women are delaying having children for various reasons these days, but the main reason is that they have not yet settled in a stable relationship, and the unfortunate knock on effect is that infertility rates are rising.

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