I remained open to the idea that I may not breastfeed. My mother only breastfed me for a couple of months and I kept myself informed on the realities of breastfeeding. The pain, mastitis, supply anxiety and other common struggles. When I had my first, I was lucky enough to experience little difficulty, my breastfeeding journey was off to a good start.

I had focused so much on not having too high expectations while pregnant and accepting that fed is best; breast, bottle, pump or a mix, I was ready for all scenarios. It so happened that we stuck to the breast.

On the one hand, I’ve absolutely loved breastfeeding my son, it’s been a great bonding and cuddly part of my days (and nights). On the other, who knew that feeding your baby could bring about so much embarrassment and hesitation? (Mainly from well meaning people) I’ve been offered a ‘private space’ to feed, had people turn away while I’ve fed, had conversations cut short because I’d opened my top and fed my son. All out of politeness, I have no doubt,  but these acts often result in breastfeeding women second guessing what’s ok and what isn’t. Should we be feeding around certain people or in certain places? This made me upset. Why should we EVER feel anything but normality when feeding our hungry babies? We really shouldn’t feel the need to hide and well meaning people really shouldn’t feel embarrassed when a woman breastfeeds in front of them. 

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