This interactive webinar gives an overview of gender inequalities, explores privilege, and highlights practical examples of how can men be allies to women in the workplace and how men and women can be allies to each other at home, in the workplace and in our communities.

This is an eye-opening session that lays bare some of the stark data around gender inequality and challenges participants to explore their privilege, thought processes and behaviours with the aim of better supporting each other and creating a better workplace culture and world for us all.

This talk is perfect if you are aiming to:

  • Engage more men and dads in your parenting and gender networks.
  • Engage more men in conversations around gender equality.
  • Explore some practical actions that men & women can take to work towards gender equality.
  • Improve gender equality in your organisation.

Workshop delivery:

  • 1 x 60-minute talk with Q&A session.
  • Delivered either in person (in London) or as a webinar online.

Enquire: [email protected]