As a mum of two charming children, I have always been hands on in creating a themed party on a budget. Since being a little girl, we were always taught to waste not want …an ethos I now try to instil in myself, my children and my parties (not always to my avail) 

But… What makes a good party? …  

Familiarity, Space & Cake

I always get surprised when we’ve created a tipi Sleepover party with personalised boxes full of treats, Lights, themed cushions, novelty items… and the thing the child picks out every time is there name on a balloon … EVERYTIME… A simply bit of personalising makes all the difference.  

From using chalk pens (that literally write on ANYTHING and come off super easy!) to buying proper iron or stick-on vinyl. The name is a power tool of turning your party that little bit more bespoke.  

To make it cheaper & more environmentally use free things and add a name…. Place mats… Find a leaf – Give it a clean – write a name with a chalk pen – You have a nearly Free disposable table decoration! 

Space- Use our space wisely. If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, section it off into different areas – Art station – Dressing up station – Food – Balloons  

Different children like different things at a party. Children also like going to different parts of a party, dipping in and out as they please. If you don’t have a garden, you can do these stations inside. For older girls at our sleepovers, we do little mocktail tables / Pamper spa tables… This way there is entertainment for every child and they are not all doing one thing at a time.  

Spa Pamper Space.  

 All you need is: 



Simple moisturiser /micellar water 

and some Natural ingredients I.e brown sugar, Bananas, cucumber, honey  

(always check with parents for allergies)  

Get the girls to make their own face masks. Messy but super fun and sometimes tasty!!  

Mocktail Space:  

All you need is: 

 Fruit Juices,  

Some cut up fruit  

 Ice cubes (age appropriate)  


Plastic glasses. 

Print out some mocktail recipes and off they go!  

(Oh and the little umbrellas are a must)  


Now do we know any children that do not like cake? (I’m sure there will be) but why not do something a little different.  

Do-nuts!! We provide donut walls they transform a party. They are easy to do yourself. Donuts are cheap, Filling and very aesthetically pleasing  

Sweet Boxes – why not make your own pick and mix. We supply a very popular sweet ladder… where the children have one small (ish) bag – with their names on (Obviously) and they can fill that bag with as many sweets as they can. (Instead of a cake) its cheaper – Sometimes less messy and all the fussy eaters get to pick their own!  

 Ice cream bar: Now this is a little bit more extreme. Making your own ice cream parlour in your kitchen may sound expensive and logistically hard. But with a little thrift and imagination this is a game and a dessert!  

What will you need:  

Large Cardboard box  



Ice cream sauce(s)  

A pack of flakes 

2/3 flavours of ice cream or keep it simple and get one tub of vanilla 

Take a cardboard box. Cut some 10p size holes. Stick some cones in !  

Let the children one at a time make an ice cream!  

 This dessert making game can be done with biscuits, Plain cupcakes, Donuts. It’s a very fun (very messy) game that kids (and adults) of any age will love.  

 Now that you have the three simple rules of a party let the creativity flow freely! Take a theme, spend a few minutes going around your house to see what you can utilise!  

Your child wants a frozen party? Gather up anything blue and accessorise your party space… Even subconsciously this will add more to the theme! Play frozen on Tv … Lord knows we’ve all watched it 100 times so what’s one more loop.  

 Parties are a fun way to release some of your own creativity as well as your children’s and guests! So, enjoy it. Think out of the box. You’ll end up having as much fun as the children (If not more)  

 As a Party Planning company, we thrive on new ideas which most often come from the children we cater for… Ask your kids for ideas! They are guaranteed to have amazing ideas that you can scale down (as they will be super expensive excessive ideas)