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Perhaps the biggest and most worry-rich conundrum that comes up time and again among parents of babies is how to get baby to sleep. Everyone warned you that sleep may be elusive before you became a parent, but no one could convey just how much this seemingly simple process would consume you. When your own tired delirium is making it hard for you to see what to do, it can be difficult to know how to sleep train your baby. Knowing how to put your baby to sleep will ensure a greater chance of a decent chunk of sleep for both of you. As always, Bloss are coming to the rescue with a valuable selection of baby sleep tips so that you can be pros at heading into the Land of Nod soon.

7 Baby sleep tips

  • Be swift to act

Babies have a body clock governed by circadian rhythms just like we adults do. In the same way that if you power through your regular 10pm bedtime, you then fail to drop off at midnight and kick about awake for hours, babies are the same. You need to catch your little one during the naturally drowsy window. This is when their hormones are making it easier for them to drift off because melatonin is at its highest.

So, whilst you’re learning the ropes of sleep, spend some time being more watchful of baby’s cues. When they’re quiet, zoned out, or rubbing their eyes, it’s time to whisk them off to their sleep spot and make it easy for them not to miss that sleepy window.

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