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Hi my name is Clemmie Pellew- Harvey, I’m nutritional therapist. Here are my top tips on how to improve nutrition for busy moms.

So another thing I get asked is how to increase nutrient intake for your kids, can be really difficult if you have a fussy eater. So it’s all about sneaking those greens in when you can.

I would really recommend having a really good, morning smoothie. You can shove lots of things in there.

So a hack that I often tell people is you can use frozen courgette instead of banana because it’s tasteless but it’s got the same texture as banana. And then maybe shoving some greens in there with dark berries and I promise you, your kids won’t really taste the difference.

Also I’d recommend having a really good powder. There’s tons of really good kids protein powder out there with things like free stride greens and berries, and all sorts of different supplements and minerals and shoving that into a smoothie is really handy as well.

Also, I’d recommend when you’re cooking just to add fresh herbs into each meal, so adding just one handful of fresh herbs can increase the nutrient status of a meal by over 150% so it’s kind of a no brainer when it comes to that.

My last tip would probably be to make things like pancakes, where you can just blend lots of vegetables together, make them into a pancake, which kids love. You can even dress a little bit of honey on there, make it like a dessert.

Also things like grated carrot, courgette and porridge, lots of different way how to sneak your greens in.