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In all my years working with breastfeeding mamas, I have come to believe that preparation and support really are key to a smooth and enjoyable breastfeeding journey. Breastfeeding may be natural – but it’s a learned skill. Add to that the overwhelming (yet wonderful!) nature of daily life with a newborn making it a learning curve for all of us. But there are steps you can take before your baby is born to make the journey simpler, easier and avoid common complications.

Β Attend a breastfeeding education session/workshop

Knowledge is power here – we can’t expect to be able to breastfeed and build a good milk supply if we have no idea how our breasts and our babies work! Ask your midwife about what your birth place offers in terms of a group breastfeeding workshop – most hospital trusts have one available to parents.
Private workshops are also available through other breastfeeding specialists and lactation consultants. We wouldn’t wait to learn how to drive until you were on the slip road for the motorway – so why wait to learn about breastfeeding?
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