Hi, I’m Olivia, I’m a parenting consultant. And I’m going to share with you some common parenting issues and my top tips to deal with them.

All parents want to improve their children’s behaviour. This is my silver bullet for improving behaviour. Children do more of the behaviour that we pay attention to. So if we pay attention to the negative behaviour, unfortunately, children will do more of that behaviour.

So what we need to do is acknowledge the positive behaviour that we see, and this is harder than it sounds, but here’s a tip to help you.

All you need is an empty jar. Not too big. Every time you see your child doing some good behaviour, pop a piece of pasta in the jar, try and descriptively praise to your child. What it is that you’ve seen them do. That’s so great.

All the family can get involved with this, parents, you can praise each other too. Once the jars full, you can do something fun as a family, as a reward. This doesn’t have to involve spending money. You can do a family movie night at home, or a family pillow fight. These all go down a real treat.