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Let’s discuss creative children and adults. Do you remember that super snowy day in January? My news feeds on social media were filled for 24 hours with pictures and videos of grown-up friends jumping in, playing with and generally engaging with the snow creatively! What a joy to see adults excited like children! I was definitely one of them, so excited to go out while it was snowing. 

Creative or childish?

Remember in January seeing all adults so excited about something so simple – the snow – was an absolute joy. However, I soon started to notice a pattern common to most posts and stories on social media as well as accounts told by my friends. Adults had to apologise for being silly and dismiss their excitement for something so simple -’ just snow’.

This is the world we live in. We encourage our children to be creative and explore their surroundings freely, playing. And we love when they get easily excited about the little things in life. But as adults we feel silly doing so and normally – on a non-snowy day – we manage to completely restrain ourselves from anything described above, which is considered ‘childish’.

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