Managing Heat at Night

The summer weather is coming which means ice creams and splashing in the paddling pool. It’s easier to manage your babies heat during the day with light clothing, shade and lots of fluids but how do you manage the heat at night in a country that doesn’t usually have air-conditioning in every room. If only the UK was hot enough to warrant that!

Here are some tips to get a good night’s sleep throughout the summer months…

  • Have a thermometer within the room so you can monitor the temperature
  • Open windows early in the morning to get some fresh air but close them once the heat of the day kicks in. This stops the hot stuffy air getting in the room. If you have a north facing window, open it in the early evening or once the sun has moved to get some extra fresh air in
  • Keep blinds or curtains closed during the day to keep the sun out. I always advocate black out blinds and curtains not just to keep the light out, but they will do a better job of keeping the suns heat out of the room
  • Have a cooler bath before bedtime
  • Place a fan in the room to keep the air circulating but don’t position it directly at the bed
  • Place a bottle of frozen water behind a fan (on a towel) the fan will draw in the cold air from the bottle and push it out into the room, circulating cooler air. Again, do not position the fan pointing directly at the bed
  • Light clothing for bedtime, cotton or linen bedclothes, a vest or just a nappy/underwear. 
  • Consider the tog of the bedding also
  • For older children using a duvet, try removing the duvet from the cover and just using the cover, this keeps the comfort of the cover without the weight or heat from the duvet
  • Check on your baby regularly, checking their temperature. Don’t be afraid to wake them, keeping your baby safe is the priority.

Keep a Beat UK has published a good guide for clothing based on the heat of the room. 

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