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So I’m Michael Johnson Ellis, and I’m a gay dad through surrogacy in the UK. And me and my husband, we set up originally an organization called Two Dads UK.  And we are really passionate about the fertility space and also surrogacy.

We’ve got two children, Lulu is five, and Duke who’s two, through UK surrogacy and we had an incredible surrogate named Caroline and two extra special egg donors that helped us create our family.

We desperately wanted children and for us surrogacy was the first way to create our family. But there wasn’t an organization that could support us in the way that we wanted and needed supporting.

Surrogacy can often be a bit of a minefield and we wanted to create a space that was safe but also included everyone, not just LGBTQ people, but those facing infertility struggles too.

So we formed my surrogacy journey in 2021. And we’re now supporting over 70 intended parents, all on a journey through parenthood, through UK surrogacy.

We also specialize in international surrogacy, both the US and Canada. So if you want more information on both UK, US or Canadian surrogacy, then head over to Bloss and contact me for more information. Thank you.