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Play is learning

There are four formally identified types of play: Exploritary Play (Hutt) is a precursor to problem solving skills; Practice Play(Piaget) highlights that constant repetition of actions help in mastering them; Sociodramatic Play (Garvey; Similanskey) is where social interactions have at their core the creation and sharing of rules in imaginatively created situations; Symbolic Play(Piaget; Vygotsky; Bruner et […]

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What is learning – a basic introduction

Learning can be defined as the process leading to “relatively permanent change in behaviour that results from practice.” (Atkinson et al, 2000) In other words, as we learn, we alter the way we perceive our environment and therefore, the way we interact, or behave. When we learn, we organise, shape and strengthen our brains. From […]

How do you feel the first half of term went?

Do you have a little one who started school this September? How do you feel the first half of term went? Are you or your little one feeling overwhelmed with things at school? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of those questions, then we very much hope that by reading on in this blog, you […]

Toddlers – Tidy Up Time

So you’ve tucked your little one into bed, you’re ready to FINALLY relax only to look around and realise there are still toys everywhere! 😱🤯 Sound familiar? Involving your children in the tidy-up process is not only beneficial for you but it is actually building resilience, patience and self-esteem – skills they’ll need for the […]

Toddler – Consent

With everything going on globally we thought we would discuss what consent for a toddler might look like… At this age, toddlers are very explorative and inquisitive and, whilst we want to encourage this, we can teach and introduce boundaries in the following ways: To continue viewing… Get FREE, unlimited access to all content You […]

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Wake Windows

So what is a wake window and why is it important? A wake window is the amount of time that your baby can cope with being awake. This time gradually increases as the baby gets older. The wake window for a newborn baby is 45 minutes. This means that baby is awake, has a full […]

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Why Your Baby Will Never Sleep Through the Night

That’s right, I said it. Your baby will never sleep straight through the night. And neither will you, for that matter. We all wake up multiple times during the night. This isn’t due to stress, caffeine, lack of exercise, or any other factors that can contribute to a bad night’s sleep. It’s a normal, natural […]

How Pictures Support the Reading Process

Is my child memorising the words or using the pictures? Hopefully a bit of both! When speaking to parents about early reading and how best to support the process, I always remind them about the importance of illustrations. Before learning to read,  it is so important to make sure children handle books and tell stories […]

12-36 Month Old Day Routine Guide

Example day time routine for 12-36 month old babies and toddlers *Based on 1 daytime nap 7am – Wake up & Milk (if wanted) 7.30am – Breakfast 9.30am – Snack 11.30am / 12pm – Lunch 12.30 / 1pm – Nap 3pm – Wake up & Snack 5pm – Dinner 6.30pm – Bedtime routine starts 7pm […]

Benefits of Sensory Play

Sensory play has many benefits to aid the development of your child. Be prepared to get messy (an apron and a wipe-able mat on the floor is always a good idea!). I also swear by the Tuff Trays, or some sort of area with a lip just to try and contain the mess a little […]

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How Developmental Milestones Affect Sleep

As a mother myself, as well as a sleep consultant whose job consists of meeting with the parents of babies and toddlers, I’ve come to the inescapable conclusion that babies, as a rule, are complicated creatures. Matthew McConaughey was quoted about newborns, saying, “They eat, they crap, they sleep, and if they’re crying, they need […]

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Extending Your Baby’s Naptime

Does this scenario sound familiar? Your baby wakes up in the morning. You feed her, change her, play with her for a little bit, take her for a little walk outside, then rock her to sleep and put her gently into her crib for her morning nap. And then, 30 minutes later, she wakes up […]

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When Should I Stop Dressing My Child?

As therapists, one of the things that we hear so often from parents is ‘I know I shouldn’t have done all this for them, but now he/she just won’t do it’. Sadly, often they’re quite right. If children have been dressed by their parent/carer until they are aged 6, 7 or even 8 and have […]

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The Benefits of Toy Rotation

Toys are educational and help children to improve imagination, creativity and focus. They help to develop large and small movements, such as dexterity, eye hand co-ordinations and precision. As our parents have often told us, there was a time when children had only one or two toys and just a few favourite games and that […]

Play and Development: Toys to Consider

Children from a very early age enjoy play, even without toys. There are a few basic things to think about before buying children’s toys. Is your child actually going to play with the toy, how are they going to play with it and can it help to develop their skills? Below are a few ideas […]

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The Benefits of Sand Play

If you live near the coast, then you and your child can look forward to spending sunny (and cloudy days too!) on the beach, building sandcastles together or taking a paddle in the sea. But, not everyone is lucky enough to live near the coast or has easy access to the beach. If that’s the […]