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The COVID-19 pandemic has re-written the rules of change and upheaval in our lives. Responding and adapting to what lies ahead requires resilience and a personalised model of change, especially in the face of continuing uncertainty.

Understanding the impact of what we have responded to and how this might vary between people, learning ways to recover, developing resilient leadership and focussing on future flourishing will help build long-term personal and organisational change.

This talk with Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Dr Nihara Krause, is informed by psychological evidence and clinical experience of working with adults and organisations.

Workshop outline:

  • The main areas of a person’s life the pandemic has impacted such as, for example, change of structure and dealing with unpredictability and its potential to increase anxiety, as well as the impact on pre-existing mental ill health conditions.
  • Disruption in work and life direction and how to motivate and build confidence in moving forward.
  • Changes in communication styles and potential impact on relationships.
  • Taking what’s happened as an opportunity to change. The workshop will explore the concept of resilience and provide tools on developing not only personal resilience, keeping in mind individual characteristics such as perfectionism and competitiveness, but also focus on building a workplace resilience framework.
  • A focus on looking towards the future and ensuring strategies and structures are in place to deal with prospective challenges positively and preventatively.

Workshop delivery:

  • 1 x 60 minute talk with Q&A session
  • Delivered either in person (in London) or online.

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