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Leaving your child at nursery and find there are always tears? This video gives you 4 tips on how to successfully separate from our little ones

  • Prepare little ones by telling them the story of what’s happening before it does so they know what to expect
  • Orient them to the next point of collection eg mummy will be back to get you after snack time today
  • Always make sure you give a calm and confident goodbye, do not slip off quietly to avoid tears. This can be unhelpful as little ones can become hyper vigilant as they don’t know when you’ll leave
    • Kids tend to use social referencing to look at how we feel about something so they know how to feel about something – make sure you’re calm and confident!
    • Don’t leave them in separation limbo ie don’t keep hanging around if they get upset as this just prolongs it
  • Give them tools of how to stay connected whilst apart, fill their cuddly toy up with lots of cuddles stored up from mummy and daddy so they can hug when not there

By Kimberley from Psychologist’s child