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Telephone Clinic - £60

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This service is ideal for parents in need of a confidence boost, or for parents who are struggling with one common issue. You will be offered a 1:1 telephone call with me to discuss a general issue that you would like some guidance on.

Appointment duration:

I usually find that 30 minutes is an ample amount of time to offer general advice but, I dedicate a 45 minute window to this service to ensure that you don’t feel rushed. Within this time I am able to explain how particular behaviours develop and offer advice on how to positively affect them.

Until I personally feel that the necessary progress has been made, I will also send ‘check up’ emails to see how you are getting on. I like to take families under my wing when behaviours are particularly challenging!

A note from Laura about her pricing and package options:

It’s incredibly important to me that parents feel comfortable with the service they have chosen. Every family has their own unique circumstances and set of requirements, which is why I have tried to create an array of options. (All services can be used in a preventative manner, as well as from a problem solving perspective).

I am so aware of the trust, financial outlay and hope that goes into each and every one of my bookings. My top priority is to help, therefore if you have any questions about any of my services please do not hesitate to ask!

All of the services listed cover Sleep Disturbances, Behavioural Challenges, Potty Training, Selective Eating and Children’s Emotional Development.

Total price: