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Introduction to Gentle Parenting: Mindset Shift Guide

Do you often find yourself saying the following?

  • Why am I constantly stopping the same behaviour?
  • Why are the simplest things so stressful?
  • We are stuck in a vicious cycle.
  • Why do they never listen to me?
  • I don’t understand what I am doing wrong.
  • Does it ever get any easier?

Changing your child’s behaviour starts with changing YOUR response to their behaviour.

Children are wired to act in certain ways. Shifting our lens through which we view their behaviour and replacing it with one of empathy and developmentally appropriate expectations is the first step into shifting your relationship for the better!

This book will walk you through what you’re currently doing, explain WHY it’s not working and go step-by-step to help you understand what to do instead!

What’s included in the ebook?

  • 20+ pages of professional parenting content
  • Instant access to effective action plans
  • Self-reflection journal prompts
  • Amazing bonus strategies to help hold boundaries…and more!

Download the guide today to build a strong family bond that will foster cooperation.

About Caley:

The “5 Mindset Shifts to Stop Power Struggles & Strengthen Connection” guide was created by Caley Kukla, M.Ed. Caley has professionally excelled in a variety of roles serving families; including pre-school teacher, early interventionist, behaviour therapist, and now, through private consulting. She empowers parents to understand children’s behaviour through brain science and empathy.

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