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Birth Completion Session

Giving birth to your baby can be the most empowering and magical experience, however, sometimes it’s not at all what we had hoped and wished for.  There are various reasons why women (and their partners) are sometimes left feeling disappointed with certain aspects of their baby’s birth and find it difficult to make sense of what happened.

The birth of a baby is not just about having a safe birth where the mother and baby are both healthy.  That is important but it is also important that as a new mother, you are given the right to express feelings of disappointment and sadness, if the birth experience was not what you had imagined.  Some women might want to talk about their feelings soon after the birth while others take longer to feel ready.  It is never too late to talk a birth over!

How can Kicki help?

As an experienced doula with counselling skills, Kicki can offer a listening ear and hear your story in a completely non-judgemental way. Kicki will listen carefully and hopefully be able to help you make some sense of why and what happened.  It is sometimes easier to speak to someone who is not emotionally close to you and your family or the NHS.  Kicki has read thousands of birth stories as a doula course facilitator and has also supported many couples through childbirth.


These sessions can be done in person, on the phone or via Zoom. Please contact me via Bloss messenger for more information about travel and arrangements.