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Being a keyworker on maternity leave in lockdown, I wanted to do my bit for the community. Hearing the NHS claps every Thursday, made me feel a bit helpless not helping my fellow AHPs during this time. So I decided to offer free Makaton sessions using a total communication approach every week for 6 weeks on social media (Instagram) for parents with babies and children.

Many families were going through a tough time trying to home school their little ones during lockdown. Finding things to do with them at home isn’t easy. Being a first-time mum I could empathise with all the other parents. I knew how tricky it must be for them, not being able to go out.

The sessions turned out to be so much fun. I had parents sending me pictures and videos of them signing with their children every week, which put a huge smile to my face. I also started getting requests on which topics they would like to learn the signs for.

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