Hi everyone Annie here today. I’m going to be talking about power of great morning routine. I’m always keen to learn new ways to get the most out of my day and I think the best way to start is by having a great morning routine, so I have done my research and there was some things out there that I wouldn’t necessarily advise on doing, one which was don’t set an alarm. As someone who sleeps like a log I can promise you that if I don’t set my alarm clock you will not see me until midday. However, there were lots of great tips out there that I would really recommend, but I will come down to my top five.

The first one is get up an hour early – easier said than done on some days but I strongly recommend this one because you can achieve so much in an hour and it really puts you into a really great positive mindset. I think it’s a great way to motivate yourself by doing something positive to kickstart your day. The second one is visualisation, according to research the early morning is the best time to reflect, just spending two minutes visualising positive outcomes improves your mood and clarity for the rest of the day.

Another on is getting rid of that one big task. I am very guilty of leaving the big tasks to the end of the day, thinking I can’t do this I don’t know if I’ve got enough time or maybe my mindset is not right. You’ll feel so much better, just get that big job done and then you feel like you can do anything.

The third is – get moving. When I was in my early 20s I would go for an early morning run three times a week and I loved it – I felt like I could achieve anything but sadly my knees decided that they would  give way and I had to give up running. However, any form of exercise is great, yoga, star jumps in your living room, walk the dog –  just get moving out to get the blood pumping and it really just energises you.

The final one is – declutter your mind. I found that writing down any anxious thoughts first thing really helps. I write them down with structure and I actually think about how I can rationalise these anxious thoughts. By doing that, it helps me think ‘okay that bad thing in my head is not going to happen’ and it frees up space for me to actually focus my mind and attention on other, more productive things . It can really make difference so just spending 15 minutes writing that down first thing before I check my emails makes all difference.

Overall my key takeaway would be to incorporate these new habits into your existing routine whenever you can, as I found it was much easier to maintain them.

I hope these will help you as much as they’ve helped me!

Author: PA, Annie Reed