Hi, I’m Jo Lenz and I’m a pediatric or children’s dietician, and I’m going to be sharing my top tips to help with any issues you may be facing with your baby or your child’s eating. So a question I always get is my little one ups. He hates vegetables and doesn’t eat any, and this is really common and I think first of all, try not to panic.

What I often do is sort of check through a little one’s diet and see what they actually are eating cause sometimes parents aren’t always aware that things like vaping’s would actually count towards a portion of vegetables. So that can often make you feel a bit better sometimes.

So the, the requirement in this country is to have five fruits and vegetables, and that’s a combination. Most children in this country only have about three,  little ones tend to prefer free because it’s obviously a sweeter vegetables traditionally are better.

They are all different shapes and sizes. So,  from day to day, a piece of broccoli doesn’t always look the same. So it can be really quite tricky for children,  to accept these types of flavors right from the word go.

So if you’re weaning, introducing better vegetables straight away to begin with is something that we, we recommend. But if you haven’t done that, don’t worry but just any type of exposure to vegetables outside of mealtimes is something that I’d recommend. So getting your little one involved in shopping, so choosing vegetables in the supermarket, putting them in the trolley at home, washing vegetables and chopping them up with you safely. Of course, any food-based play. So just playing with wooden vegetables and reading stories about them, making pictures with different types of vegetables and potato printing.

It’s all just you and your little one use to different you know, textures and handling different foods. And the theory is that they will become less scared about trying them because all children go through a really fussy stag  and this kind of exposure outside of mealtimes can really help.